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How to be successful in life?

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  ‡‡‡ How to be successful in life? ‡‡‡

Every creature belonging man is beset by problems always when they want something to do. They seem happy and sad among those who have taken these problems depends on whether how. The world’s large and successful man, even if his examination of what this passage is, “those that have succeeded in learning only be successful to be very problems’.

           The world’s main four problems are as birth, death, disease and oldage. Some of these problems, nor can it far away some of these problems, nor can overcome and cast it. After all born, I do not want to be old that no, that is not possible to neglect and remove cure diseases away quietly, so all must die one day. These four problems are the main victims of every organism.

           There are four ways to respond to peoblem; want to be away from the problem, trying to cast away the problem, to seek a solution for the problem and remaining wrestle and be neutral with problem. Four of these have to be the best staying neutral with problem. The person who remains neutral, regardless of the problems, shall be for his work, he can only succeed in life, he can and he survived only through world pleasure only can understand life well. We want to sail even with problem, but the problem never far away from us revolt. Similar problems to solve with problem spoke about removing in “a problem addressed as a celibate in Coelho story” that another new problem still beset by huge problems. We must not be to the mood better any work. Whole life spends on problem to solve. But one after another occuring many problem will never go away from you. Who doesnot care any problem, who doesnot take problem as problem, who takes the problem as energy to do work, who faces millions of problems but doesnot fight with them, who goes work ahead, who becomes active to his goal, he just lives but can finally can be successful. You look in every successful person’s life contaminated, will immediately find this mystery.

         If you are a believer, then try to understand by this way,
You are host for two days of this world. You have to live in this world for craves as various creatures. The father, mother, wife, friends in this birth cannot be predetermined what they will become, can become your enemy too. Donot think they had fulfilled their duty to you. The look is not your thing. But you never forget duty them. So check these things have been turned over. You must act according to the fruit of the same birth or find another birth. Your age, your future, sadness and happiness and all you will have already been determined. You can not change it chooses. If you became sick, do not leave your daily work unfinished, try to perform these work internally since you are physically sick not from mentally, you must think I have not been sick, You must think I do not happen to have a problem that suffered pain, take care on Your food, hygiene sneakers. You could do everythings that your abilities can withstand. Donot waste spending, Donot put loans treatment, do not give pain to others. Donot frighten from any problem, including the four main problems, don’t be in fair, understand all we face these problem, come upward than four problems, also teach other. Birth, death, and those four problems, ignore all. Knowledge and wisdom permeates the mind go euphoric. Take a goal for your life. Determined to pursue goal. Finally Would you be success or me? Tell me.

© Author: Padam Prasad Paudel



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